Tours in Hamburg

Join me as I show you around my Hamburg.

You can choose from one of the following tours or have an individual tour organised to suit your specific needs and wishes. This could take the form of a tour by bus, a walk through the city, a barge ride on the Alster lake or Elbe river, or any combination of the above.

All of these tour offers are also available as gift vouchers.

Tours can be conducted in both German and English.

City Centre Tour

Bishops, lord mayors and building sites – 1,300 years of city heritage

  • Where was Hamburg "born"?
  • Why isn't the parliament needed for governing?
  • What is there to know about hygiene in Hamburg's Town Hall?
  • What does Störtebeker have in common with Saint Catharine?
  • Which old office building has gone to the dogs?
  • At what point in history was the Alster lake covered with camouflage netting?
  • Where was Hamburg's very first port?
  • Why was a 'Speicherstadt' originally built?
Impressions City Centre Tour

St. Pauli Tour

The Red Mile, sailors and music – the entertainment district through the ages

  • What are the 'Wallanlagen'?
  • Where were the first cholera barracks in the city?
  • Why were the Landungsbrücken (landing stages) and the Old Elbe Tunnel built?
  • Where did beer used to be brewed?
  • Where did ropes and cords used to be produced?
  • Where can you find dancing nuns?
  • Where is Germany's smallest police station?
  • Which sexual practices are to be found where?
Impressions St. Pauli Tour

Schanzenviertel Tour

Cattle halls, squatters and creative types – the transformation of a quarter

  • Which water tower has a particularly inviting side and why?
  • What is it that attracts people to cattle halls?
  • What do spices, Montblanc and Steinway all have to do with the Schanze?
  • What does a particular road have to do with a whale?
  • What did 1,000 light bulbs bring about?
  • What do terraces have to do with city planning?
  • What is the 'Karodiele'?
  • Where do young artists and fashion designers have their studios?
Impressions Schanzenviertel Tour

St. Georg Tour

Holy quarter, gay scene, muezzins and multiculturalism – from scene of the plague to desirable address

  • Where were people sectioned off during the plague?
  • What is Wilhelminian architecture?
  • Why is the Viennese State Opera of particular significance?
  • What do Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, Saint Ansgar and Count Adolph III. von Schauenburg und Holstein have to do with the Hansa?
  • Where was Hans Albers born?
  • What is the Holy Mary doing in this district of the city?
  • Where did privileged emigrants spend the night?
  • What does Air France have to do with St. Georg?
Impressions St. Georg Tour

Hamburg Basics Tour

Alster, Jungfernstieg and Reeperbahn

  • What do Alster and Müller have to do with one another?
  • Why aren't the platforms at the Dammtor train station on ground level?
  • What do Hansaplast, Labello, Nivea and Tesafilm all have in common?
  • Where will you find the largest mosque in Hamburg?
  • Where did the young ladies from wealthy families used to take a stroll?
  • What is the difference between the town hall and Buckingham Palace?
  • Why did Hamburg's beer have a reputation for being particularly flavoursome in the Middle Ages?
  • What is 'Labskaus'?
  • Where does the Reeperbahn get its name?
  • What are 'Likörelle'?
Impressions Hamburg Basics Tour

Port and Elbe Suburbs Tour

Containers, merchants and summer retreats – work and recreation in Hamburg

  • What did Napoléon have to do with the Elbe bridges?
  • What is one old lady doing in the harbour?
  • Who invented the shipping container?
  • Why was the 'Köhlbrandbrücke' bridge originally built?
  • Where will you find the largest inhabited river island in Europe?
  • How are shipping containers loaded up?
  • What is it that links Mike Krüger with the new Elbe tunnel?
  • What does the German term 'Sommerfrische' refer to?
  • What does the devil have to do with a hare?
  • Where in the port can you see a string of pearls?
Impressions Port and Elbe